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1961 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible *SOLD*
Item #: 21471

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This 1961 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible has been sold.

Premium Driver

My move into a retirement home with a one car garage necessitates my giving up one of my joys, a 1961 Jewel Blue C-1 Corvette. This matching numbers car has just a little over 67,000 miles on it, and has had much attention paid to it over the last several years. The person I purchased it from took over the restoration from a man who had completely rebuilt the 283 engine and solved several mechanical issues. He then restored the interior to original, but most importantly replaced all of the reinforcing plates under the car, the body mounting bolts, body cushions and shims. There are NO rattles or squeaks in this baby. All of the gauges were sent off and professionally rebuilt, along with the original radio, wiper motor, heater fan motor, and generator. He replaced all heater cables and controls as well as the dash plate they mount in. A new heater core was also installed along with correct hoses and clamps. He replaced the hood latch cables and the latches were sent off and re-plated in cadmium plating, along with the seat tracks, as original. He replaced all the cables and switches in the interior portion of the car, installing a new headlight switch, dimmer switch, cigarette lighter, wiper washer cable and control and ignition switch. All of the wiring from the taillight to the headlights and everything in between was replaced with Lectric Limited wiring. The correct T3 headlamps were installed. In the driver's compartment, an all new Al Knock interior was installed; carpet, kickpanels, door panels, dash, and grab bar. A heat/sound barrier was installed under the carpet, and a new steering wheel was added. The seatbelt hardware was restored to original by Seatbelt Solutions in Florida. The engine compartment was detailed also, along with new paint in the trunk with a new rubber floor mat. Almost perfect, except for the body and paint. That's when I took over.

I noted when driving uphill, it would sometimes backfire a little. Investigating, I ended up having the whole fuel system rebuilt, from a new gas tank to a rebuilt carburetor and fuel gauge. Also added were a new coil and condenser and voltage regulator. A new fuel pump came a little later, along with spark plugs, turn signal switch, and an engine fan clutch. I had the clock rebuilt, and installed a screw on oil filter adaptor (saving the original). One of the things I love most about this car is how quickly it starts from cold. All of my additions were done at Majhor Murray classic auto care, probably the most well known classic auto shop in Oregon. I have all of the receipts, and you are welcome to contact them regarding the condition of this car.

The big ticket item for this car came when I was convinced that the car was mechanically perfect and I coughed up $15,000 to restore the body and paint (interior also) to the factory correct Jewel Blue Metallic with white coves. This consisted of heavy sanding, fiberglass repair, Polyester Slick Sand Evercoat Sealer, five coats of color and 3 coats of clear coat. It is simply a beauty. I also had some trim re-chromed along with the front bumper. I have many pictures showing the process. I did not have the wheels painted since they are covered by the hubcaps. They show the original paint. The final step was installation of a new windshield, since the original was pockmarked.

The tires are 205/75R15 with the 1970s style smaller white walls (perhaps the second set of tires?) They'll be good for another few thousand miles. Then you can decide if you want the big whitewalls it came with. The transmission is a four speed, and works well, with new shifting linkage just installed.

I've had three classic cars, and this one is by far the best; I learned my lesson from the previous two. Mechanically sound and a beautiful showcase.

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