Jimbo's Nifty Fifties-Old Ford Trucks

The post war economic growth was remarkable
and the forward leap in technology was incredible.
It perhaps sounds too strong to say that now, but,
the changes that occurred during this time frame were remarkable.
From color television to space walks to two tone (some even three tone) painted automobiles.
I was caught up in all this like most people from this era
and in particular I was destined to be a motor head from junior high school.
In high school I fell in love with old Fords
and it wasn't long before I had a '34 roadster.
After high school I was involved in drag racing for several years.
Of course the financial commitment meant selling my roadster
and doing without a street rod. After several years of drag racing,
I decided it was time that I went to college
and it was also about this time I went to work for Ford.
I started out at the bottom washing cars.
After the first year, I decided that what I really wanted was a fat fendered Ford truck,
a particular big window fat fendered Ford truck.
After many attempt to talk the previous owner into letting me buy this truck,
I finally wore him down and it was mine.
Over the years I re-built this truck from bumper
and it was the truck that I had when I moved to Oregon in 1966.
Unfortunately, I traded this truck off on a new Mustang and soon
regretted that I had traded off an old friend.
Fast forward to 1992 and I came across an ad on another '56 big window.





I got to thinking how much I had missed the hot rods,
and some of the neat people associated with them.
I purchased this truck and have had a ball the last ten years or so.
I joined a local pickup truck club
and have indeed meet some fantastic people and have attended many many events.
Great times, great memories.
So, when I retired in early 2002,
I decided that I wanted to stay fairly busy and do what I enjoyed.
What better way then to keep invloved with the 'ol fat fendered Ford trucks.
In early 2002 I opened up my small one man operation and created
**Jimbo's Nifty Fifties.**
I mainly buy and sell old Ford truck parts,
but also deal with other auto/truck parts.
While I don't want to paint a picture that I did not enjoy
my 36 years of working with a local company,
I feel that what I am doing now I really enjoy.
And I realize that I probably won't make much money, it's doing what I enjoy.
Isn't that at least part of the secret of a happy life?

Thanks for your time and attention !!
Jim Watkins

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